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Painting Or Photograph - What To Choose?

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Just as there’s tremendous difference between recorded and Live music, there’s a difference between Photograph and painting. Photograph is simple recording of the scene with no possibility of different interpretations. Photograph represents reality as it is. Reality is nothing but perception. Everyone will have the same perception of a photograph. Whereas, painting has emotional appeal,  it’s an interpretation of reality where multiple perceptions are possible.

Abstraction in paintings lets the viewer to experience his own reality, people just love this freedom to enjoy in their own unique way. In that sense, painting is an interaction between artist and viewer, between owner and his guests. Watching a painting transfers you to a deeper level. This is not possible with photographs.
Painting can overwhelm you, inspire you, encourage you, excite you or have a calming effect on turbulent minds. There’s always something beyond description, When you speak about painting.