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Every painting is communication. Painting is created through love. Love is a universal language that crosses all barriers. Painting conveys love.

Our emotions are our strengths as well as weaknesses. They are specific and intense. They are triggered by externals.  This is where art can help a person.

The love conveyed through painting has a transformative effect on human minds. Art happens outside but it can penetrate through the human mind at a deeper level.

Art can inspire, encourage and excite a depressed mind. 

It is a very good stress buster.

Art has a calming effect over a turbulent mind.

Art sets a mood and steers positive emotions. 

Art promotes creativity.

Art helps you to connect with the world. 

Art helps you to understand yourself.

Meditative quality of the art helps to go into trance.

In other words, Art can help you manage or control your emotions.