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Online Painting


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In good old days, paintings were purchased either from Artist Studio or at Art exhibition. Since the advancement in technology, customers can buy paintings online from all over world and they have wide choice to choose from.

Online painting has advantages of 1. Selecting art at reasonable price from the comforts of customer's home 2. Choosing after matching with existing wall color or decor (Some art websites provide tool for this buy using mobile camera) 3. Make the payment online 4. Offer a quote to buy at discounted rate 5. Can browse through reviews about artist and delivery of paintings 6. Buy customized digital paintings

Artists also have many advantages about online painting. 1. Artists can save exhibition charges 2. Artists also can save art agent's commission 3. Artists can control the content and display of their websites. 4. Receive payments automatically converted to their own currency 5. Artists can advertise their paintings online 6. Artist can sell painting while he is asleep or he is painting his next artwork.

So these are some of the ways that online painting has benefitted both Customer and the Artist.