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Landscape Watercolor Painting

Watercolor is best suited medium for painting water and reflections. Actually, there’s no painting of water as such, just by painting reflections, one can feel the presence of water.  When painting water, we have to deal with 3 surfaces, 1. Below water 2. At the water 3. Above water. It’s always a mix of all 3 depending upon clarity and depth of the water and wind. I enjoy painting reflections because they are mix of reality and abstraction.

There are 4 land masses nicely connected by water. This view is mix of cool and warm colors, orange color dominates not only water but also tree tops. For darker reflections, I just added few dabs of mix of burnet sienna and Prussian blue while the paper was thoroughly wet. For those ripples and waves, I just scratched by the tip of the brush while paper was wet.  Cobalt blue, palette greys are some of the other shades used. Painted on Fabriano 300 gsm paper with Camlin colors.

My main emphasis was to create colourful lively painting.