We have replied frequently asked questions to make it easy for the customers all over the world.

Is it ready to hang?  Is it Framed?  Are you sending painting with Frame?

Yes. Canvas Paintings are ready to hang. Our Watercolor paintings are unframed. They will need mount borders and frame of your choice to suit your décor and wall color. We send original artworks neatly packed in rolled tube or hardboard watertight box.

Can we make an offer?

Yes, you can send an email and submit offer.

How long will it take to reach the painting by courier?

4 to 5 days for USA, Europe, South-East Asia, Australia, New Zealand, and 2 days within India

What about authenticity?

We send authenticity certificate with every painting

Is it signed?

Yes, every painting is signed in front.

Is it unique?

Yes, every original handmade painting is unique. There are no copies. 

What about commissioned artworks?

No, I am not into commissioned artworks

What about portraits?

No, I am not into portrait paintings.